Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Another Big Move

It has been a long time (more than 1 month) since my last post. The main reason is because I'm getting lazy to give you updates about Golden Rule. I'm getting lazy to write another post which is not that important for you to know. I'll be honest here. New GDI sign-ups are getting more and more like rare cards. 

Although I don't believe GDI will be ever saturated, it is a fact that GDI is not in the hot zone compared to two years ago. I sincerely believe that you CAN'T be successful in GDI (filling 6 deep matrix) without using team builder concept. Either you create it or join it. I chose the latter one. Currently, Golden Rule and GDI Co-Op are the most promising GDI team builders and still worth to try (sorry Powerpath). 

My current status in GR is pretty good with 0 GDI downlines (LoL) and $8.50 from the 2x3 exclusive matrix. Well, as I expected, I knew I would 'win' in GR (2x3 matrix) and it is a good reason for you to join GR as well.
Another big move was made today. GR is now officially welcoming NON-GR members to join our co-op. 

What I mean by non GR members are already existing GDI members who do not want to subscribe to monthly payment of $4.95. Now they can benefit from our advertisement (we'll include them in our advertisements using our budgets) without having to pay us a dime, but they need to do the routine which is getting a minimum 600 hits to their given splash pages in manual TEs or/and safelists every single week. Of course, they will not get the benefit from our exclusive matrix as well, which in my opinion, will hurt them in the long run. 

Home Page: http://www.canrecruit.info